Bob Weatherwax

Outreach from The Weatherwax Collies into the World




Lassie has always represented the best traditional values of family, courage, loyalty, honesty, and compassion.

For more than 70 years, Weatherwax Collies have been unique. Not only have they exhibited superior intelligence, but they are known for their ability to touch the deepest emotions in everyone child and adult they encounter. That connection has been part and parcel of all the Lassie stories seen on the big and small screen. It also happens everywhere the Weatherwax Lassies and their progeny have met fans and friends.

Weatherwax Collies are the ideal for every pet dog, and it will be the mission of Weatherwax Collie Kennels to continue that ideal and the heritage inaugurated by “Pal,” the first Lassie who set the standard in seven MGM films.

Weatherwax Collies Outreach Program

Therapy dogs deliver remarkable emotional experiences. Therapy dogs are trained to provide affection and comfort to people. Therapy dogs go where they are most needed: hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices, special education centers, and stressful situations (natural and man-made disasters).

Therapy dogs come in all sizes and breeds. The most important characteristic of a therapy dog is its temperament. A good therapy dog is friendly, patient, confident, gentle, and at ease in all situations. Therapy dogs enjoy human contact and are content to be petted and hugged.

Many dogs contribute to their therapeutic visit by performing special tricks for their audience or by playing carefully structured games. In hospice environments, therapy dogs play a role in palliative care by reducing
end-of-life anxiety.

Both Rudd and Bob Weatherwax were keenly aware of the remarkable effect that their collies had on the public. The men also felt a strong commitment to give back to the people who were so devoted to each of the Lassie generations. They made a point of visiting children’s hospitals, philanthropic organization events, schools, libraries, military bases and USO centers. They supported government initiatives and private charities, and they were commended for their quiet commitment with many awards, certificates, and commendations. Most important to them was seeing how a collie could bring a smile to those who might not have smiled in a long time.