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This is a retrospective of all the great Lassie moments with commentary by Tommy Rettig and Bob Weatherwax. Anyone who has shared the bond between dog and master will be in tears at the end! The video is being provided courtesy of 
Bob returns to the Pancho Barnes' ranch, host to many of history's most famous aviators. In this video, Bob shares his childhood memories of visits to the ranch with Lassie and his father, Rudd Weatherwax.
September 29, 2013
Woofstock 2013 
Harrisburg, PA 

With perfect weather and record-breaking attendance, Woofstock 2013 was a banner event for mid-Atlantic states’ dog lovers. Invited as special guests, Bob and his faithful Hammer and Throttle shared the day and booth space with his long-time friend, Jon Provost.

Bob and Jon have made frequent appearances in the past decade at several Southern California events including nostalgia celebrity shows, pet expos, and a Make-A-Wish dog fair. They’ve also traveled eastward for events including a family theme park and dog shows.

Since Bob moved from California a few years ago, Woofstock 2013 was the first time the two Lassie compatriots had a chance to appear together. Solid friendships based on work and personal camaraderie remain strong, no matter if they’re constant or altered by distance. Such is the case with Bob and Jon – two professionals who can ease instantaneously into their roles when meeting the public and slide right back into their friendship. If there was anyone who could question the connection between the two men, the dogs would know it! And Hammer and Throttle accepted Jon immediately. Throttle, in fact, was an old friend, since he and Laddie had gone to many an event with Bob and Jon.

The day started with a local TV interview, held quite casually on the set in the Harrisburg ABC affiliate station. The reporter brought her own dog trainer along and talked about local dog-related topics  with him, after introducing Jon who introduced Bob and Hammer. Everyone was at ease in this informal atmosphere. Hammer barked on cue and stood by Bob, occasionally circling him and once jumping up to demonstrate his affection for Bob. 

You could see the strong bond between the man and the dog. Bob has often said that, during all his working life, he dealt with working dogs. He felt close to them and they to him, but nothing has been like the bond between Hammer and him. Bob says Hammer is his pet. And for all of you who know what the value of a pet is,  you can understand the depth of feeling and the closeness that exists in that relationship.

Moving on to the huge park where Woofstock was held, Bob and Jon had a busy day, meeting and greeting fans and dog lovers. Bob and Jon participated as judges for one of the dog contests, and they had special photos taken as part of the day’s fund-raising efforts in support of dog welfare and rescue organizations. They were gratified by the friends who had traveled long distances to visit with them (Trish and Vanessa) and help out at their booth for the day (Thanks to Barb and Joe, Joe and Lisa). Even one of Hammer’s brothers came to visit. Both Halo and Hammer made quite the beautiful duo.

One particular moment sums up the reason why Bob and Jon continue to make public appearances. A man and his two pre-teen daughters came up to the booth. The girls (one from a foreign country and the other with severe learning challenges) had never seen Lassie TV episodes or movies before, but they were captivated by Hammer and Throttle. Their father knew who Jon and Bob were and what Hammer’s lineage was. He took special effort to explain to his daughters why meeting Bob and Jon and Hammer was so important to him – he had watched the Lassie TV shows and seen the movies – and he told them about the extraordinary cultural impact on our country and even the world that the Lassie phenomenon has had. He mentioned Bob’s father Rudd - the original wonderful trainer, Jon as Timmy – the iconic little boy who grew up with his best four-footed friend, Hammer as the direct descendant of the collies who had epitomized “Lassie,” and he thanked Bob for carrying on the heritage and tradition of something that has become uniquely American.

It was a long day but a fulfilling one. Both Bob and Jon were glad to attend, happy to see one another, and gratified to have met so many fans and their dogs. They wished everyone health and happiness - to the same degree they are fortunate to have in their own lives.

Until the next appearance….. enjoy the photos of this one on our "Photo Page".

October 8, 2013

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